Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day Four - 3 Oct 08

Date: Fourth Day of Singapore Trip (3 Oct 2008)
Place we went: Jia Wei's Mum's salon, China Town, Clarke Quay, Mustafa Street and Newton.
Let the slide do the talking. ^^


Pete said...

Nice pictures. Quite some time haven't eat at Newton Food court already lorr!

Akira 思胜 said...

Yer, 你们玩到真开心哦...

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Wow, u make into a slice show, not bad, not bad...

Anne said...

woh~~~ no need to write any thing~ juz put picture~~ awesome!!!! ^^

hey~ y some picture didn thav describe de??haha~~~ =P

VickiLai said...

hahahhaha wa~ nice food =p
i want to eat too..
nice scene as well..walau ~ laine jie
u must hve lots of fun le..^^

eunice said...

Hi Chobits! I saw your slide! Those desserts look very tempting leh, the shaved ice was so fine! Where is that dessert stall?

So now you are blogging my country n I am blogging your country LOL

Yeah for my panoramic image, I used photo stitch software to combine all the photos together. It's easy. Then use Photoshop to fine-tune it. Anyway my photoshop skill is very basic only.

❤oms❤Ψ*^_^*lala.. said...


Chobits said...

Ohh Pete you are Sinagporean? Why never eat there already?

Yes, you will have the chance. ^^ Sharon is waiting for you haha.

Haha,ya~you also can make one, just load into

Aiyo, not all also describe ma coz dunno what to write haha~ XD

Vic mui,
Yupe i have a lot of fun, but if many of us go then more fun hehe~

It's in CHina Town, i also dunno how to describe how to go, just follow Sharon to go there, you can ask her for direction. It's really nice i like the Berry and Passion Fruit Snow Ice! Must try when you eat there. LOL, ya, we are promoting each other country. ^^
Ohh thanks for sharing, i may want to get photoshop soon. Awesome!


Kuntong said...

lazy pig..lazy to write..
jz put a slide show!

Ellie_pi said...



liciece said...

Aha,get your updates here...Why did you make a scary pic for me? :P

迷迭香 said...

so many photos!!
must have been a very enjoyable trip ^_^

James Younghusband said...

nice set of pics