Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bye Everyone

Sorry everyone.

I won't be able to write this blog anymore. Reason? I am in depression now and seems that i have lost my passion in blogging. Sorry friends...All these while, thanks for your support.

I would like to say many many thanks especially to:

1) Akira - You are a great blogger! Never fail to leave comment to every new post. Please continue to write and bring out the beauty of blogging. Glad to know you. *Hug*

2) A Travel Photo Blog - Congrats on winning the best photo blog on Singapore Blog Award 08. You deserve it! =) Glad to know you. *Hug*

3) A Ying - Mayday rocks! Haha, sorry for not completing your tag. =( Take care ya. Glad to know you. *Hug*

4) Angela - I won't kidnap your Angel dear dear anymore but your hamster hahaaha~ Be careful! jk. Anyway, always stay pretty k. Nice blue contact lens you have. =) Glad to know you. *Hug*

5) Anne mui - Sorry Anne, I am a bad sis. =( I enjoy talking with you when i am working, you cheer me up and chase away my boredom, you are my first known blogger beside Akira, i truly appreciate our friendship. We will continue to contact through msn k? Glad to know you. *Hug*

6) Barbie - BABE!!! Sorry babe, che che disappoint you! Sorry sorry sorry..but i will still visit you k? Che che always support you and love you. I miss the day we talked, though it's just one day but i felt comfortable talking to you in msn, it'll stay in my sweet memory forever. Stay healthy, cute, cheerful and strong, don't be like che che, give up so easily..You will be my forever mei mei, now and forever. Khnom Sror Lanh Neak. Glad to know you. *Hug tight tight*

7) Beverly - Hey pretty girl! You are a shining star now in blogging world. =) I always enjoy reading your blog because i can see leng lui (let my eyes eat ice cream, hehe), leng zai, nice place, nice products, etc. Keep it up! Glad to know you. *Hug*

8) Bombomba - Always be a cheerful and happy mother k. I love your xiao gua, she is super cute! Hope gua ba gua ma and xiao gua can live with health and be happy always. Glad to know you. *Hug*

9) Bridge - Your blog is fantastic! Continue to travel because i know travel can widen our knowledge, relax and discover many surprises and take many beautiful pictures. Keep it up! Glad to know you. *Hug*

10) Crazy - You are a very active blogger and plurk user. Is good to know many friends, keep it up k, thanks for leaving comment in my cbox so often though i seldom write blog. Glad to know you. *Hug*

11) Dragon - Haha, i got three presents from you! Now i still keep them nicely. =) Turtle toy, postcard, mango (oops, this ate liao cannot keep it, haha~) Uncle, if next time got any nice novel from nine knife you intro to me wor, and the Sabah trip? I still looking forward to it. =) Glad to know you. *Hug*

12) Geok Kee - A tough and cheerful girl! Geok Kee gambette! Be strong in whatever desicion you made, i know you will always make the right choice. Glad to know you. *Hug*

13) Jerome - Hey bro! Don't miss me ya. Aha~ your blog is unique, everytime i go in there is something new and special. Keep it up! Don't be flower heart have so many lao po la. Glad to know you. *Hug*

14) Keith - Sorry Keith, i don't think i can continue to write anymor)e. Thanks for your support all the time. I really appreciate it. Glad to know you. *Hug*

15) Kikey - Girl~you are very active, hope i can be like you, travel a lot and make friends all over the world, hehe~ ^^ Glad to know you. *Hug*

16) Kun - Haha~ I gonna miss your pro photos, don't worry i will still be visiting you all. Keep it up! Hope one day i can see you in any marothon event. ^^ Glad to know you. *Hug*

17) Limzhi - I miss those time when i was passionate in blogging, we replied each other so fast and kept on talking in c box, i am sorry i have been so lazy. I gonna miss you Limzhi, don't worry i will still visit you. Next time if you are working here as a dcotor, remember to give me discount k. Glad to know you. *Hug*

18) Lovely Couple - Sweet and Cute couple. Don't argue anymore k, be nice to each other. Happiness forever. Glad to know you. *Hug*

19) Mei Mei - Hope you will succeed in your music career. I hope one day i can hear you playing musical instrument. Glad to know you. *Hug*

20) Mei Wah - I gonna miss your "WTF"? Haha~ continue to be humurous with long length of post k. Don't worry, I never miss out every words you typed. ^^ Count me in if you really plan for Sabah trip. Glad to know you. *Hug*

21) Min Er - Cute little girl. Don't play maple story until neglect your studies k. I support you to play coz there is one way you can reduce your stress but not overload k. Good luck and all the best in your future career. Glad to know you. *Hug*

22) Niger - Your blog is very detail, show us the map, the price, the enjoying spots, etc. If i want to visit any place, i will go to your blog to grab full information. Cool mum with fanstastic hand made dolls! Keep it up! Glad to know you. *Hug*

23) Olive - I miss the time we chat in c box every Sunday. ^^ Hope everything is going fine with you. Cheer~ Give me five! Glad to know you. *Hug*

24) Piggy - Piggy~ sob..miss you, thanks for your concern and support all these while, if i go Penang, this time i gonna meet you, Akira and Dragon. =) Glad to know you. *Hug*

25) RK - You look smart with spec or without spec no worries haha~ XD Though not knowing you for long but thanks for your companion. Glad to know you. *Hug*

26) Ryan - MMU engineering student~ ^^ At least I still remember this. Keep it up oh! Glad to know you. *Hug*

27) Ryan Chin - It's been a long time we never visit each other but i still want to thank you. It seems that we have the same interest too, i love travelling, continue to share your life with us k. Keep it up! Glad to know you. *Hug*

28) Sharon - Sharon~~~I still remember the sweet time we had in Singapore, thanks for everything, next time if you come to Malaysia must inform us k, don't hide la, make us sad only, sob..T_T Anyway, thanks for your christmas and birthday present. I love them. Glad to know you. *Hug*

29) Shu Ying - Ohh~think of you i wanna hug you, i also dunno why haha~your birthday is coming i still remember, i am here to wish you earlier. Happy Birthday Shu Ying! I will still visit you even though i stop writing. Take care my friend. Glad to know you. *Hug*

30) Su Wan - Xiao Di Di!!!!!!! Haha, you ar, why 012 not good to use? The line is better, even you are in island or mountain you can still contact people. I wish my life was like you in secondary school, being active and make so many friends, keep it up k, bro! Glad to know you. *Hug*

31) S型•樱戈子 - You are a multi-talent girls, hehe~hope you can find your other half in uni, haha~Glad to know you. *Hug*

32) Tara - Tara small bro, don't give up in drawing because you are talented. =) Glad to know you. *Hug*

33) Tau Sar Phneah - Penang lover! Always intro nice place, culture, and food in Penang. I can see how much you love Penang. Keep it up! They should pay you for advertisement fee, hehe~ ^^ Glad to know you. *Hug*

34) Vivi - You are also a food seeker and like to travel. Find one day i travel with you k haha~ Glad to know you. *Hug*

35) Wai Seng - Another MMU student, hehe~ Though we seldom talk much but i enjoy reading your blog. Glad to know you. *Hug*

36) Yan - Thanks for your award, feel so honoured. *shake hand* and you deserve the butterfly award too, collest blog award. Hehe~ All the best in your studies k. Glad to know you. *Hug*

37) Yung Wei - Capricorn teacher! I always love to read your humurous blog, everytime i read i will surely laugh. Thanks for bringing joy to me. Glad to know you. *Hug*

38) Zara - ZARA DEAR!! I am so sorry, other than sorry i don't know what to say anymore, i keep all the awards you give to me, i save in pc. Thanks Zara, you always think about me but i visit you so little. Love you Zara, be strong and at the same time take care of your health, don't stress yourself k? All the best in your studies, i know you are smart girl can overcome this. Glad to know you. *Hug*

39) 傻鱼 - Enjoying lao gong lao po life now? Hehe~ ^^ I still remember how beautiful you are when you get married. Hope this is your real white horse prince that can take care of you and give you happiness. Glad to know you. *Hug*

40) Kevin - You are the first few person i know since i play blog that's why i remember you so well, i still remember the car accident you mentioned. 大难不死,必有后福。 Enjoy life now k. Glad to know you. *Hug*

41) 翔 - I miss the time we tease each other. Haha~ Now you are inactive also, so lazy ar you. Your chinese is good, maybe you can come out with a book in future? That time remember to inform me, i gonna buy it and read it. ^^ Glad to know you. *Hug*

42) Purple Sheep - Think about you i want to cry already. I also can't explain why i have this kind of feeling. You warm my heart many times but you yourself never realize it. I will continue to visit you purple sheep, thanks for your wonderful touching present. I will appreciate and leep it forever. Be strong! I will always support you. Glad to know you. *Hug*

43) 迷迭香 - It's undeniable that to all bloggers, you are the special one. Always being kind and sweet but mistery at the same time coz no one has seen your real face, kekeke~ I hope i can see you one day if we have fate. =) Glad to know you. *Hug*

Friends, i will be fine soon because i am optimistic ma, hehe~ can see through my photos, i am always happy. So don't worry about me, i just wish all of you all the best in your studies, career and in whatever things you are doing. If you want to chat with me, add me in msn I will still be visiting you guys although i stop writting, so be prepared to receive my comments hehe~ I want to shout out loud to all of you:



Akira 思胜 said...

怎么啦? 发生什么事情了?

不管无论如何, 你还是要保重自己哦...

.MiNღ唲. said...

why ? D:
I hope you will change your mind
and come back.
You know we all are going to wait for you

Bombomba said...

What happen??
Feel sad when heard of this news,
are you facing any problem?
Share with us, might able to get help,
if really tired or busy maybe can rest sometime we will wait for your return.

Chobits, be happy ya, i like to see your happy face, take good care and hope to see you blogging with us once again. Really will miss you!!!!!!

liciece said...

Then welcome you in a real life. :)

迷迭香 said...

tks for remembering me...
glad to know u too
if you miss me, do leave me a msg in my blog, and i know that u r fine ^_^

pls take care ~

yungwei said...


Tau Sar Phneah said...

wht happen chobits?? :(

dropped in today thought u updated manatau, u saying goodbye to all of us...

whteva reason, you still be my mate..take care and hopefully we shall see again..

ps:thanks for writing such good desciption on me..hehe.. :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Aiyo, why want to stop blogging..

CHloe said...

hope u faster come back ya~^^

v i v i a n said...

Lu... wat happen to you?? Depression is just a temporary feeling... you wont depress for the rest of your life am i rite? dont worry... we will wait for you to come back!!!


Anne said...

T.T.............Chobits..........will miss ur blog~! & hope u will continue write .....really miss u ........>.<"
we'll wait u back~! (pls back early ya...cuz we'll always waiting u... ^___________^V)


take care ya~=)

宿影 said...


阿Don said...



哈哈,well, 012 also not bad!

anyway,keep in touch!
msn , sms , what ever , dont forget me !

yan said...

why so sudden??
sigh* lost a great blog to read.
but I support your decision and will wait for your return!
meanwhile, take care.

c@therine said...


Kuntong said...

im touched whn i saw my name in the list. at least u remember me.
sad to hear tis. but, we will respect ur choice all the time.

u are a great blogger n reader u know.
u are the 1 always give nice comment on my photos u know. those comments always cheer me up, always make me more confidence to take more photos n show to my readers.
Seriously, i LOVE to see ur comment evrytime i post some new photos. coz u always praise me like a pro-photographer.hahahahaha
i love the sweet feeling u know.

and yes, i know, i will compete with u in a marathon next year! sure got chance 1! hehehehehehe

Take care my dear. *hug*

@ SmalL G!RL said...

hey chobits!! omg!! sry, i din visit ur blog for so long, i din noe u're facing the bottom side of ur life..

wateva happened to you, I will be here supporting u owez..

I'll pray for you, God bless=), cheers ya? *HUGS*

紫绵羊的心与情 said...

how come??????im really ...cant accept!!!!!!CHOBITS怎么了???有事吗??无论如何,我都会尊重你的决定,因为你一定有你的苦处.我们永远都是好朋友.等你再次重出BLOG.有什么酸甜苦辣,都可以向我亲诉.

donald said...


Barbie said...

Che Che! I bursted into tears reading your note to me T_T :( What's wrong? Why suddenly you decided to stop blogging? :( I'm at a lost for words now...

I really hope that I gonna hear from you again soon. I'll be waiting until Che Che drop by my blog, and say Hi to me. Whatever happened to you, I just want you to know that you have my support. I love you, and I will always do. I don't want anyone that I love dearly leave me you know...

Che Che I really wish you would change your mind, and come back blogging again.

Barbie sayang sayang Che Che! I love you <3

Sammuel said...

Here is a nice website to intro you

elaine said...

要保重哦! ^^

oLive said...

har? y no more blogging?
I'm now oni realise!
what happen to u?
is ok la, maybe u just need rest before getting ur passion back!
I miss the time chatting with u, dear!

S型•樱戈子 said...

wadd a surprising news?
it is rilly sad 4 me 2 hear dis once i visit 2 ur blog during vacation...
I had even no time in which 2 realize ur "little" wish-sing a short song~
anyway,im waiting 4 u 2 cum bek^^im ready at all times 2 invite u!!!

Barbie said...

Che Che??? You know how much Barbie miss you? =( how r things going with you now? Che Che must keep in touch with Barbie, ok? Just say hi to me when you got time to, so that I know that you r doing well there :(

We are bidding goodbye to the year of 2008 soon, and start the new year with smile on our faces... Would you come back to blogosphere until then?

Barbie always miss you, and you know I love you! <3 *hug*

丽庭 said...


名叫羊羽的路人 said...

why why why???
i still here!!!!
how can i contact u???beside of blog?

x u a n j i n G said...

omg omg... 1st time i been here and u gone? T_T
anyway, take care o~!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

U make me cried!!


Why must left me here?


ZARA 札拉 [사랑해~] said...

U make me cried!!


Why must left me here?


Anonymous said...

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独侠令狐冲 said...

Faster come back!

GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...

Chobits, still haven't change your mind?

I stopped blogging too for a while when I lost my passion last time. Now I blog when I free, blog when I like, no more commercial blogging just to fulfil people's expectation. I really enjoy my current blogging style right now.

Wish to see you back, dear~

A Travel Photo Blog said...

Hi dear, hope that you are feeling better now. Go for a short trip to relax again? Find someone to talk? Take in more fresh air... Hope to see you back again. Take care.

goooooood girl said...

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